DACA Resources

Ways to Contact:

Please click the infographic below to learn what the Administration’s announcement to end DACA will mean:

If you have DACA and want to know your options, look at THIS helpful flowchart (ILRC).

Note that any client with questions about his/her specific situation should consult with an attorney directly.



See the Immigration: Current Topics page for more general resources.


IMMIGRATION LEGAL PROVIDERS (if no SF office, the location is noted):

There are many additional non-profits providing immigration assistance in San Francisco, and most focus on particular types of relief. See the Immigration page for help figuring out where clients should start. A full list is also on the Immigration: Current Topics page (and all legal non-profits are included on the Resources page).

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Caseworker Tips:

General Advice

Any clients who have DACA, or who are undocumented, should get an assessment to see if any (other) paths to status are available to them. In addition to the referrals listed on this page (and the Immigration page), as a back-up clients can do an online general immigration screen to see if any paths to status may be open to them: see www.immi.org